Baby & Family Photographer - St John's Wood

I had been recommended to this client by another family I had done a photo shoot for the year before.

I came to the family home where this six week old baby boy was sound asleep - a good moment to get straight to it and take some photos of those cute, little close up details... he had the most amazing eye lashes!

His mother wanted to get some photos of him in a basket they had, together with a white, soft toy bunny rabbit.

He continued to sleep most of his way through the session, as we then moved onto some family portrait photos. Most of these were against a white background I had brought along for more studio style photos, but a couple outdoors on the terrace - although not many as a cold wind was blowing.

He had another outfit change and a top up of milk - so he was awake for some last photos.

Baby & Family Photographer - St John's Wood, North London, NW8

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