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Baby & Family Photographer - Battersea

Newborn Baby & Family

I had been recommended to this family by various previous clients. They had a month old baby daughter join their family and wanted to capture more 'natural' photos of their children and the family, with a few 'formal' portraits.

When I arrived at their home in Battersea, the eldest daughter was still at school, so we began with some photos of their their new baby. A month old can be a sensitive age for babies and she would not settle without mummy to cuddle her - although these moments may seem frustrating, they do make for wonderful, touching moments for photographs.

Kisses from mummy
On mummy's shoulder
Family portrait with baby
Mother & baby
Looking at you!

Their three year old daughter then joined in for photos with her baby sister.

Sisterly kiss
My baby sister
Family Portrait

With the baby now settling, we could focus on photos of her, as well as some with mummy and daddy.

Baby Girl
Sleeping Baby
Close Up Of Sleeping Baby
Baby's Hand
Mother & Baby
Daddy & Baby
Family Photo With Baby
Father & Daughter

With the eldest now back home from school we could get photos of the three sisters and some family portait photos.

Three Sisters
Three Sisters

Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Battersea, South West London, SW11

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