Birthday Party Photographer - Chesham

I always enjoy the annual photo shoot with this family. I have photographed this little girl on her birthday since she was one and it is without fail, a joy. She is such a lively, energetic character. On her first birthday she was running around Wimbledon Common, for her second birthday I was convinced we had a future athlete in the making. We even had lots of fun in the rain in Chiswick Gardens for her third birthday.

For her fourth birthday she was having a party at their new home out in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. I arrived before the party to get photos of the family setting up. It was good to see that this little girl was still as full of energy as always, as she charged around the garden playing ball games. They had a variety of family and friends come for a BBQ and the sun was on our side too.

It was lovely to see various photos that I had taken on previous shoots around the house - you can see a couple in one of the photos below where the children are playing with the balloons inside.

There were lots of presents to open and a fabulous Minion cake to cut into and eat!

Birthday Party, Children's & Family Photographer - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5

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