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Family Photographer - Southfields

Family Portrait Photo

It was lovely to come back to photograph this family. Since my last visit nearly three years ago, they had had a second child, now a bouncing ten month old girl.

They wanted to capture photos of the children and the family together. You could really see that the family had lots of fun together and there was so much love. Their eldest son is disabled and is unable to sit up by himself, but he loved to giggle and enjoyed playing games with his parents.

We spent most of the session in an attic room where the light was good. We then took a few photos in the garden.

Children's photography
Fun with daddy
Games with mummy and daddy
Family photo
10 month old girl
Hugs with mummy
Climbing over daddy
Taking off
Baby Photography
Brother & Sister
Pulling mummy's hair
Baby Photography
Family Portrait In The Garden

Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Southfields, South West London, SW18

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