Newborn Baby Twins & Family Photographer - Streatham

I had photographed the eldest boy when he was a newborn baby a couple of years previously. He was now big brother to twins (a baby boy and a baby girl).

It was coming up to Christmas when I came over to their family home in Streatham. Their mother had got them Christmas outfits, so we set up with a miniature Christmas tree that was in the sitting room. Obviously the twins were obviously not going to perform at the same time - more feeding required!

We then set up in a bedroom to get some family photos of a bed.

We also captured a few natural photos.

We then focussed on the twins, with the little girl determined not to fall asleep!

We then lay the twins onto the bed. Mummy also joined for a few photos with her babies and daddy popped by for a kiss!

We then grabbed a few photos of mummy and each of her babies using a white wall as a background.

Newborn Baby Twins, Children's & Family Photographer - Streatham, South West London, SW16

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