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Newborn Baby Photographer - Balham

Newborn baby in basket with flowers

This little baby girl was nearly three weeks when I came to do her newborn baby photo shoot. We usually recommend that people aim to do a newborn shoot within the first two weeks, as babies tend to become more alert and aware of things going on around them and can become less settled and more fussy. Although we advise this, beautiful photos and even some 'posed' baby photos can still be done during this period - babies may not fall asleep (as in the case of this little girl) or they may need more cuddles - but these are also lovely moments to capture.

We began this newborn session with this baby girl swaddled in a pink wrap and lying in a basket decorated with flowers, placed on the white floor boards that were in the family home. She gave me some very serious looks, but looked such a sweetie.

Newborn baby with flowers
Close up on newborn baby's face
Close up on baby's eye

We then grabbed some photos using a dark wall as a background - mummy even got a smile from her little baby.

Mother & baby
Baby photography

We then headed up to a bedroom and lay her on a duvet which had large flower motifs.

Baby photography
Baby with heart necklace
Looking at you!
Mother & baby
Baby's foot
Baby's fist
Mother's kiss

She then needed some cuddles with mummy before we then got some photos of her on a soft, grey blanket.

Baby on mummy's shoulder
Mother calming baby
Baby photography

Newborn Baby Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12

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