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Newborn Baby, Toddler & Family Photographer - Earlsfield

Toddler & baby brother

I had been recommended to this family by another client. They had recently had a new addition to their family and wanted to get some photos of the newborn baby, their toddler and the family.

As usual with a toddler, I focussed on photos of them first of all. The toddler had such a cheeky face and absolutely loved his new, baby brother. Obviously we had to include his collection of cars and lorries, but he was so affectionate and gentle with the baby.

Toddler cuddling baby brother
Big hugs
Toddler photography

He was then taken off to nursery and we concentrated on the newborn baby, with a variety of natural and posed images, including an Easter Bunny outfit that had been given as a gift.

Baby photography
Close up on baby's face
Newborn baby in basket
Close up on baby's face
Baby toes
Baby's hand
Baby's fist
Easter Bunny Baby
Baby photography
Baby boy in pom pom hat
Baby's yawn
Newborn baby photography
Sleeping baby
Close up on sleeping baby
Baby photography

Newborn Baby, Toddler & Family Photographer - Earlsfield, South West London, SW18

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