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Maternity Photographer - Crystal Palace Park

Maternity photography in the spring

It was an absolutely gorgeous, spring day when we came to Crystal Palace Park for the maternity photo shoot for this couple. We had such a fun time, enjoying the beautiful, varied backgrounds that this location offers. The flowers were out and everything looked lush and vibrant.

We wandered around the park as I would spot a variety of different places that worked well for the photos. This pregnant lady posed very comfortably in front of the camera. Her husband was able to join for most of the session before he had to whizz into town for work.

Pregnant lady leaning against a tree
Maternity photo among the leaves
Maternity photography in the park
Bump photography on the bridge
Kiss in the park
Baby booties
Maternity photography among the rhododendrons
Bump photography
Pregnancy photography among the leaves
Maternity photography in the park
Pregnant lady sat on log
Pregnancy photography
Maternity photography in the park
Beautiful maternity photography
Bump photography

Maternity Photographer - Chrystal Palace Park, South East London, SE19

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