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Newborn Baby & Family photographer - Tooting

Mother & newborn baby

This little baby arrived a few weeks early and we didn't manage to do the session until he was nearly three weeks old. He was such a cutie.

I came to their family home in Tooting and we captured a range of both posed and natural photos of this newborn baby boy, beginning with him in a basket.

Newborn baby in a basket
Close up on baby's face
Newborn baby
Close up on newborn baby's face
Baby feet

We then photographed him against a black background.

Newborn baby photography
Baby's feet
Close up on baby
Baby's hand

We then got him to sleep on a bed, which also gave us the opportunity to capture some family photos with mummy and daddy. It is always an honour to capture images that really show that love that parents have of their newborn baby.

Family portrait
Family photo with newborn baby
Mother's kiss
Mother & newborn baby
Father's kiss
Daddy with newborn baby
Sleeping newborn baby
Natural newborn baby photography

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Tooting, South West London, SW17

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