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Baby & Family Photographer - Tooting

Baby on bed

This baby boy was nearly six weeks old when I came to the family home in Tooting. He looked such a handsome boy in his baby waistcoat. We started with him in a basket, although he was now getting quite big for this, but he had such a lovely expression on his face.

Baby boy in basket

We then focussed on some family photos with mummy and daddy on a bed.

Family with baby
Mother & Baby
Mother & Baby
Father & baby son
Daddy's kiss
Baby on daddy's shoulder
Mother soothing baby
Baby yawning
Mother & baby

After he had settled, we captured some photographs of this baby boy by himself.

Baby boy in cosy pom pom hat
Natural baby photography
Baby in arms
Close up on baby's face
Close up on baby's eye
Baby feet
Baby's fist

And a family portrait to finish.

Family portrait with baby

Baby & Family Photographer - Tooting, South West London, SW17

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