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American Family In London - Pimlico

Children by the fireplace

This American family had come to visit London for their holidays with three children (five, three and one), parents and grandparents. They were staying at a home in Pimlico where we captured them having lots of fun as a family.

We started with some family shots in the sitting room.

Family portrait at home
Grandfather with three grandchildren

They had a balcony with a view over the square, bringing some lovely foliage to the background.

Father and daughter
Children looking over the balcony

We then moved up to a bedroom - a great place for jumping on the bed and maybe some moments of calm!

Children jumping on the bed
Children on the bed
Looking at you!
Toddler with unicorn
Cheeky face

With the toddler having just learnt how to walk up and down the stairs, she was very pleased with herself!

Toddler on the stairs
Father & daughter on the stairwell

Children's & Family Photographer - Pimlico, London, SW1

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