Toddler's excitement with newborn baby sister - Dulwich

I had photographed this family before when the mother was pregnant with her first child three years ago. She now had a baby daughter and the big brother was so excited by the new arrival in the family.

We began with some relaxed photos of the family in the sitting room and in the bedroom.

And there is no doubt who wanted to be holding the baby!

We were then going to focus on the newborn baby by herself. As I prepared a basked mummy was holding her little girl and the light was so lovely coming through the window... and then big brother came back and was just so adorable and obviously delighted by the new member of the family.

And now some of this adorable girl. We captured a range of natural and slightly posed images.

And a few pictures of her together with mummy and daddy.

Newborn, Children's & Family Photographer - Dulwich, South East London, SE21

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