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Family Photo Shoot In Lavender Fields - Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey

Family in the lavender fields

Summer can bring some wonderful location options for family photo shoots and I was contacting by this family and they were particularly looking for a family session in lavender fields. In South London we have the beautiful Mayfield Lavender Farm, where they charge a small fee for photo shoots, but this makes a stunning location for family and children's photography.

This family had three children of eleven, nine and six years of age and we had lots of fun in this colourful setting. They had brought along a variety of items that meant something to them (including bubbles, the daughter's flute and the son's football - slightly trickier amongst the lavender bushes!). But we captured a huge range of photos of this family and the children ranging from romantic to classic.

Child amongst the lavender
Summer children's photography
Mother & daughter
Family in the lavender fields
Mother with her three children
Family portrait in the lavender fields
Father with his three children
Mother & son
Playing the flute in the lavender fields
Boy blowing bubbles amongst the lavender bushes
Kicking football
Mother & children
Children reading

We got some photos of just the parents.

Couple in the lavender fields
Couple among the lavender bushes

And back to the children...

Child running through the lavender fields
Girl among the lavender
Mother & girls
Mother & daughter
Mother & daughter
Mother with her children

And a few with just mum!

In the lavender field
Walking through the lavender field

And lastly a family portrait among those beautiful lavender bushes.

Family in the lavender field

Childrens & Family Photographer - Mayfield Lavender Farm, Surrey, KT17

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