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Newborn Baby, Toddler & Family Photo Shoot - Clapham

Toddler's kiss for baby sister

I had photographed this family a couple of years ago when their first child was born. Now they had a newborn baby girl in the family.

As usual when working with toddlers, I get any sibling and family shots done first of all, as you never quite know how long a toddler will be keen to stay involved. He was very sweet with his baby sister, although this didn't last long!

Brother's kiss for baby sister
Family photo shoot at home
Reading to baby sister
Father & son
Children's photography

A couple of trucks also joined us for some family portraits!

Family portrait with newborn baby
Does baby sister want a truck?

We then focussed on the newborn baby photos - with natural images of this little girl.

Natural baby photography
Sweet baby photography
Sleeping baby
Close up on baby's face
Natural baby photography
Close up on face
Baby's fingers
Baby sleeping soundly
Sleepy head
Baby in soft blanket

We then captured photos with mummy and daddy.

Mamma's kiss
Mother & baby
Mother & baby photo
Daddy gazing adoringly at baby
Mother & baby
Father & baby girl

And one final shot of this newborn baby in the hands of all the family.

Newborn baby in hands of the family

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Clapham, South West London, SW4

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