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Climbing Trees & Jumping On The Bed - Children's & Family Photo Shoot Earlsfield

Children jumping on the bed

This was now the sixth year that I have photographed this family. Their two boys have grown so much since I first met them (when they were 3 months old and 3 years old)! Our general shoot plan remained the same as past years, starting outdoors in the park and then returning to their family home for some fun and family shots. However, since last year they had moved from Clapham to Earlsfield, so we had a new park to explore - Wandsworth Common.

We dived in amongst the bushes and trees of the wooded areas, where there were plenty of trees to climb.

Brothers in the tree
Children's outdoor photography
Outdoor children's photography
Captain of the tree ship
Natural children's photography in the park
Family on woodland trail
Family among the branches
Giggling brothers

There were opportunities for individual portraits as well as family photos.

Children's photography in the woods
Children's photography
Outdoor family portrait

Back at their home it was time to jump on the bed!

Jumping on the bed
High dive on the bed

And some family portraits.

Family portrait
Family photo at home
Family photo at home

Children's & Family Photographer - Earlsfield and Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW18

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