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Extended Family Photo Shoot - Wandsworth Common

Outdoor family photo shoot

It was a bitterly cold day when we did the photo shoot for this brother and sister and their families.

We had decided upon Wandsworth Common as the location for the shoot. There was a big variety of age of the children, from the 4 month old twins, a 22 month old toddler, boys of 5 & 6 years old and a teenager. The cousins were absolutely great together.

We wandered around the common, which is a great location for family photography. The boys pretended to be fishing, they climbed up trees and explored the ponds and woodlands. We would also grab opportunities for group and family photos, as well as individual portraits.

Children on Wandsworth Common
Extended Family Group
Children pretending to fish
Children's outdoor photos
Outdoor family photo
Mother with toddler
Father & toddler in the tree
Family portrait
Boy climbing tree
Natural children's photography
Extended family portrait
Outdoor family photos
Toddler exploring the woods
Four month old twins

Young cousins with baby twins

Children's & Family Photographer - Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW18

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