Baby, Children's & Family Photo Shoot - Wandsworth

I arrived at the home of this family - they had a very excited three year old boy and a four month old baby. As usual, when working with young children, I began with sibling and family photos (you never quite know how long it will be before you lose the attention of very young children). This young boy was very affectionate with his baby sister and we were able to capture some lovely moments of the two of them.

Whilst the baby had a feed, we got some photos of the three year old.

For a little calming, daddy then read a book.

As the baby was not settling and we had an excited three year old, we decided to go out to nearby Wandsworth Common. It was still winter, so there weren't many leaves about, but the sun was shining and we found a great log to sit on and clamber around.

Even Captain American joined!

We then headed back to the home. The boy was taken off to nursery and we captured a few photos of the baby, who had fallen asleep whilst we were out. Although she awoke quite quickly, but in a much happier mood.

We could then get some beautiful photos with mummy and daddy.

Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Wandsworth & Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW11

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