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Natural Newborn Baby Photo Shoot - Streatham

Sweet Dreams

I came to the home of this young family in Streatham to photograph their newborn baby boy. They wanted essential natural photos of their little boy and just one slightly more posed photo for their thank you cards.

For this we actually used a digital background that I edited in after the photo shoot - a simple wooden bowl with their baby boy wrapped in a cosy swaddle.

Newborn Baby In Wooden Bowl

We then focussed on a range of simple, yet stunning photos of their boy. This also gave us the opportunity to get a few close up details.

Baby In Blanket
Close Up On Baby's Face
Baby Boy On Blanket
Close Up On Baby's Hand
Baby In Thought
Close Up On Baby's Face

We then spent some time capturing photos with mummy and daddy.

Family With Newborn Baby
Kisses For Baby
Mummy & Baby
Daddy With Yawning Baby

Time For a little comforting.

Baby In Mummy's Arms
Baby On Daddy's Shoulder

Using a plain, white wall as a background we captured a few family shots - sometimes he needed more calming, but these are also beautiful moments to capture.

Family Portrait With Newborn Baby
Cuddles With Mummy & Daddy
Kisses For Baby
Family Portrait With Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Streatham, South West London, SW16


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