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Big Brothers & Their Baby Sister - Family Photo Shoot - Balham

Family With Newborn Baby Girl

I came to the home of this family for the newborn baby photo shoot of this gorgeous little girl. We had planned to start the session focussing on her individual photos, starting with her in a wicker basket with a blanket that had been knitted for one of her older brother's when he was born. Adding some flowers made this such a beautiful photo... and we captured a few of her in this set up.

Sleeping Baby In Basket With Flowers
Sleeping Baby In Basket
Baby In Wicker Basket With Flowers
Sleeping Newborn Baby With Flower
Close Up On Baby's Face

She needed a little calming from mummy before the next set up.

Mummy Soothing Baby
Baby In Wooden Root Bowl
Baby Girl

Her two big brothers then arrived back home from school, so once they had eaten a snack and changed it was time to get some sibling and family photos.

Family Photography At Home
Brothers With Baby Sister

With a few cuddles from mummy, which are always so beautiful to capture.

Baby On Mummy's Shoulder
Mummy & Baby

And a final family shot on the floor!

Family Photography

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12


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