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Outdoor Baby Photo Session - Tooting

Chillin' as daddy kisses his baby boy

This adorable bundle had been born during the Covid lockdown. We had done a maternity session beforehand and it wasn't until restrictions had eased that we were finally able to do this little boy's baby photo shoot. He was now a couple of months old. We were still restrictions by guidelines, which meant that we could only do outdoor photo shoots. The family had access to a large roof terrace and certainly things were perhaps not totally on our side on the day of the photo shoot with intense heat, bright sunshine, no shade, lots of wind. However, we managed to set up a background and work around the few plants that were to be found on the terrace.

Family portrait with baby
Mother & Baby

I love to capture beautiful moments with the baby and their mummy and daddy.

Giggles with daddy
Mother's Kiss

And also to get some photos of this baby boy by himself.

Baby pondering the world
Baby photography

A couple of family portraits as well.

Family portrait
Kisses for baby


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