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Outdoor Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot - Cannizaro Gardens

Outdoor Family Photo

I have photographed this family every year since their first born boy was a newborn baby. We had planned to do our annual session earlier in the year, but due to the lockdown for Covid 19 this was postponed. As restrictions eased they decided to wait until their second baby was born. Having seen some of the photos on my blog with newborn shoots done outdoors, they decided that this would work best for them, especially with a lively three year old. Last year we had gone to The Rookery on Streatham Common and this year we decided to return to Cannizaro House Gardens where we had done the older brother's first birthday photos - a beautiful location.

We found a log at the beginning of the session that provided us a good little spot for a variety of photos.

Mummy Hugging Her Boys
Mother & Newborn Baby
Mother With Her Two Boys
Toddler Playing On A Log
Mother With Newborn Baby

We realised that there were quite a few wasps around us, so we rapidly moved to a new log - choice of the toddler obviously!

Daddy & Son Playing With Log
Mummy With Baby In Arms
Daddy With Newborn Baby In His Arms

It was time to get some photos of this newborn baby boy. So we laid him on a blanket on the grass. However, his affection big brother decided that really it was time to hug, kiss and declare his love for his baby brother!

I Love My Baby Brother!
Kisses For Baby Brother
Hugging My Baby Brother

Daddy then took the older brother to a tree to hang out!

Child Hanging Out In A Tree

We then focussed on photos of the baby, including some close up details.

Sleeping Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby Sleeping In The Park
Close Up On Baby's Face
Baby's Hand
Baby Feet

A few more family photos.

Family Photo On Park Bench
Love For Baby

The Rose Garden was our next little spot. Time to smell the roses... but don't let go of your digger!

Little Boy Smelling A Rose
Mother & Son Smelling The Roses
Family In The Rose Garden
Mother & Baby
Mummy & Daddy With Newborn Baby

An explore around the trees.

Boy In The Trees

A short rest on a bench - a lovely moment with mummy and baby.

Mummy Smiling At Her Baby

And some more love from big brother!

Time For Some More Love For Baby Brother

Newborn Baby, Children's & Family Photographer - Cannizaro House Park, Wimbledon, South West London, SW19

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