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Toddler Photo Shoot In The Rain - Tooting Common

Father & toddler in the rain

The weather forecast had been for a dry day, but as I walked across Tooting Common to meet this young family the rain started to come down. With an active toddler who just loved to be outdoors, he didn't mind a bit as we continued the session by going off to explore the trees on the common.

Toddler looking for minibeasts
Father & toddler exploring a log
Natural Toddler Photography
Toddler clambering over logs with daddy

Time for a sit down and clap!

Clapping toddler

They had also brought their dog along for the session - this little boy's best friend.

Toddler & pet dog
Toddler walking dog
Family photo with dog

The trees made a wonderful place to explore and capture some photos with mummy and daddy too.

Toddler and daddy on Tooting Common
What's up there in the tree?
Family portrait in the park

There is always lots of fun to be had with a toddler simply playing under a tree - us adults were mostly trying to keep out of the rain, which was now falling quite hard.

Toddler and sticks
Toddler under the tree
Toddler playing drums on a log

But somehow this little boy still wanted to head out into the rain.

Toddler heading off into the rain

Children's & Family Photographer - Tooting Common, SW12


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