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Grand parents & Children's Photography Shoot - Battersea Park

It was getting close to Christmas when one of our NCT friends rang to ask me if I'd take some photographs of their (nearly) 3 year old boy, Liam, together with his grand parents. They wanted to have some pictures taken for the grand parents Christmas present as they knew this would be one gift that would make them really happy.

The grand parents were coming down from Scotland to visit that week anyway, so they asked me if it would be OK for the grand parents to join in on a playdate that we'd already fixed for both Liam and my own daughter.

Battersea Zoo in Battersea Park was chosen as a good location to entertain both the children and give the opportunity to get some photographs of the doting grand parents. Weather-wise, it was a strange old day and we woke up in a thick cloud of fog - even Heathrow and City Airports were cancelling flights. Once the fog cleared it was the brightest of days.

The moment that we arrived at Battersea Zoo the children headed straight for the playground areas, into the fire engine and clambering over the climbing frames and jumping into the tractor. We managed to drag them away to see a few of the animals. One of the donkeys was in particularly fine voice. The monkeys provded much entertainment and the meekats can never fail to amuse children and adults alike. Time sped past at it wasn't long till the sun started to drop and the temperature along with it. Time to get the hats and gloves on before then making our way back home.

A wonderfully fun afternoon with both of the children and the grand parents... oh and most definitely, mum too!

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