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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Croydon

I had been contacted by this new mother just after her baby boy, Leo, was born, as she wanted to get a family portrait photography shoot for her husband's (Stav) birthday present. He knew nothing about the photo shoot until the morning of the shoot, just an hour before I arrived at their house in Croydon, South London. Obviously, by a family photography shoot, this also included their young sausage dog - a very lively and fun little character.

When I rang on their doorbell I was greeted by frantic barking. Once inside the house, it didnt take long until the little dachshund lept upon my lap and got his nose under my lens!

Baby Leo was sleeping when I arrived after a bad night's sleep from an upset tummy and once he was moved and woken the only place he really wanted to settle was in the arms of granny, who was over from her homeland of Cyprus to help her daughter settle with baby for the first few weeks. Leo looked so peaceful and relaxed in her arms.

Once settled, Leo's mummy, Helena, took him onto her shoulder so we could get some photos of mummy and baby. Leo was such a cutie with the most endearing little tuft of hair on the top of his head... just like Road Runner!

We then took the opportunity whilst Leo was calm in the arms of his mummy to take some group family photographs. Leo got the occasional doggie kiss during this particular photo session.

Leo was then beginning to fall into a deeper sleep, so we moved upstairs to the bedroom to get some gorgeous photographs of Leo on a lush purple duvet - with his dark hair and olive skin he just looked adorable. Whilst on the bed, we got some lovely family photos as well as some heart-warming photographs of daddy holding his boy (see the above photograph).

We then grabbed a few close up photographs of feet and hands before finishing off the session with another, slightly more classic family photograph for Stav's birthday - yes, a Happy Birthday banner was hanging on the wall, which Helena asked to be included in the image!

Helena and Stav have now chosen which photograph they want to be printed and framed (although they do still have a full set of images from the photo session) and are just choosing a light-coloured frame to go with the decor of their house.

To see more photographs from this family shoot go to my Facebook page

Newborn baby and family photographer, Croydon, South London, CR0

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