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Newborn Baby Twins Photo Shoot - Regent's Park, Camden

I was on holiday when I received a text from the then mother-to-be of newborn twins. she was due to give birth very soon to her twins and was keen to book in a photography shoot in the very early days of the twins new life.

Baby Heath and baby Holly Blue were just four days old when I went to their home just near Regent's Park, in Camden, London There is always something really quite special about twins - it is amazing to capture their closeness and watch the way they move together.

Their mother, Corinne, was definitely an expert with babies. She had already had six children of her own (all now grown up) and had worked as a nanny. The household was remarkably calm, with her husband, Grant supporting her in every way that he could. I have total respect for this mother, who has dual breastfeeding under control - WOW!

The two babies were beautifully behaved for the photography shoot. Coming from a wonderfully creative family, there was a variety of wonderful blankets and textured materials to photograph the babies on. However, our favourite had to be the classic black sheepskin rug (see photograph above).

We took a whole selection of photographs of both babies individually (well, they may not always want to see pictures of themselves as a pair when they grow up!) as well as together. There were photos of them snuggled up in daddy's arms, cosily sleeping, close up pictures of their legs and feet tangled up in the way twins feel comfort with each others touch, as well as photos of them together with mummy and daddy.

What a special family. I am just putting together the design for their baby announcement/Christening invitations and look forward to meeting more of their family and friends at the Christening very soon.

To see more photos from this newborn twins photography photo shoot go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby Twins Photographer - Regent's Park, London, NW1

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