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Baby & Family photography Shoot - Balham & Wandsworth Common

Hurrah - spring is in the air! Well, actually it was rather grey with a chilly wind, but that didn't stop us going out to enjoy the blossom on Wandsworth Common.

I had been contacted by Emma, mother to the absolutely gorgeous 8 month old Ava, as she was wanting to have some photographs taken of their family at their home in Balham and also at their nearest local park, Wandsworth Common.

I arrived at their house just as Ava was waking up from her morning nap. Emma dressed her in a pretty pink dress and this delightful girl looked an absolute doll. We started with some photos of Ava on the sofa in their kitchen, which was flooded with lovely, soft light. Ava was taking the situation in and carefully considering this new lady that had arrived in her house with a strange black object that made lots of interesting clicking noises. She sat firmly on the sofa, with her feet very precisely positioned together and her eyes fixed upon the camera.

Having got her settled and used to the camera we moved to their sitting room to get our first lot of family photos. Ava sat on an upholstered bench with mummy, Emma, and daddy, Stephen, either side of her. Having got a range of family photographs, with smiling, inquisitive, laughing faces, we then moved upstairs to one of the bedrooms. The rich, blue, textured wallpaper on the back wall of the bedroom really brought out the colour of Ava's big eyes. We took lots of photos of Ava sat on the bed rattling one of her favourite toys. Then mummy and daddy joined her on the bed too for some slightly less formal family photographs than the ones we had taken before in the sitting room.

A short break for teas for the adults and a bottle of milk which Ava guzzled down and we were ready to go and have some fun with some bubbles. Ava had not really seen bubbles before. She was mesmerised by them. After some serious bubble-blowing, it was time to make music. Ava's father, Stephen, played the piano with his little girl on his lap. Simply seeing the reflection of herself in the shiny, black wood of the piano brought the biggest smile onto Ava's face. With some masterful finger bashing on the piano keys we had lots of fun.

After a few more different set ups of photos of Ava, we put on our coats and hats and headed off up to Wandsworth Common. We didn't spend too long here as the wind was biting, however, we got some lovely family photographs by a small cluster of pines. With photos of daddy throwing Ava up in the air and her sat upon a log. No photo shoot on Wandsworth Common can go without passing over the pretty little, stone bridge.

Just before heading back home, I spotted a tree just coming into blossom, marking one of my favourite times of the year - spring time. We grabbed a few last photos here to close the photography session.

A really lovely set of photographs of the very pretty little Ava and her family.

To see more photographs from this photography shoot, go to the Balham Bumps & Babies Facebook page.

Family & Baby Photographer, Balham & Wandsworth Common, London.

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