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Baby & Family Photography Shoot - Clapham Old Town

I went to this gorgeous family's house to get some photographs of their seven week old baby boy, Henry, and his family. Henry has two older sisters who were both very excited about their new baby brother and also about getting in front of my camera lens themselves!

When I arrived at the family house in Clapham, both girls were drawing in the kitchen and rapidly welcomed me into their home.

We started the photo shoot in the living room and Henry, although wanting to start the session close to his mummy, was very relaxed. We got a few photos of Henry's feet - both Sarah and I seem to have an absolute love for the tiny features of young babies. We then got some lovely, serene photos of Henry sleeping over Sarah's shoulder.

Now sleeping, it was a good time to try to get some photos of Henry lying down by himself. The process of moving him did wake him up, but he remained relaxed and we got some lovely photos of him smiling and look up (at whoeverknowswhat!) and a lovely big yawn and a few more close up detail shots.

His sisters were starting to get fidgety so it was a good time to bring the girls in. We piled up to the parents bedroom where everyone could jump onto the bed. Both girls were dressed in beautiful summer dresses with soft, delicate colours which looked great for the photos. We really captured some of that sense of excitement and love that siblings have for a new baby in the family. We got several photos of the three of them, including the one above.

The girls had lots of fun playing for the camera and we got some great photos of them individually too - just girls being girls!

The sun was out and it was time to get some photos of the whole family together. The girls grabbed daddy away from his desk and we headed off to the garden, which was in full spring bloom with the wisteria plant dangling beautifully over the swing (some great photos here too with one of the girls). After a few natural, energy-filled photos of the whole family, we then took a few moments with mummy, daddy and baby Henry together, followed by a few extra photos of the three children together on the garden bench.

Well, Henry had certainly had a busy morning and was now in deep sleep. Well, I can't resist taking a few extra shots when there is a sleeping baby - so we took a few more photos of him by himself back in the family sitting room. The photography session was then over and Henry looked like he was going to be out for the count for a little while.

To see more photographs from this family photo shoot go to my Facebook page.

Baby & Family Photographer - Clapham Old Town, London, SW4.

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