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Baby Photography Session - Kew, Richmond

I was contacted by Carla just after her due date when she was still awaiting the arrival of her little baby. Things then went a little quiet as everything had all got a little exciting as Isla (their little baby girl) was born undiagnosed breech.

So many things can certainly happen during the birth of a baby and each labour is very different. Understandably, it took Carla a little while to recover from the birth and then her husband was back to work, so it took a few weeks before we were able to arrange for Isla's baby photography session, but it was certainly worth the wait. By then she was 8 weeks old and an absolute delight and both her parents absolutely doted on her (yes, don't we all? My own daughter is three years old now and I can still barely take my eyes off her!).

When I arrived at their home in Kew, Richmond, Isla had just had a feed and was awake, but very relaxed. As she seemed very happy we went and got a beautiful, knitted blanket that had been made for her by one of her relatives. We laid Isla on the chunky blanket to get a lovely few photographs of her, including some close up detail shots of her hands.

I then brought out one of the blankets that I had brought with me. A lovely cosy, soft blanket that can be used in a variety of ways for photographing babies. On this day I made it into a hammock which was held at each end by Isla's parents. Swung gently just above the bed, Isla was as happy as anything and this made for some fabulous photos (see the above image).

Isla was then starting to get a little tired, so it was time for some cuddles with mummy and daddy, which is always a lovely time to capture getting some calm and intimate photographs as they soothe their little girl to sleep... just to help things along, the hoover came out (yes, the neighbours are now thinking that they have become obsessed with cleanliness). Isla had a little cat nap, which gave me the chance to get some sweet sleeping photographs of her, then suddenly she was all awake and alert. We headed off to one of the mirrors - always great to photograph with babies... they cannot help but look at themselves as they grow more aware of their surroundings.

We got a wide range of photos of the new family before we then went for a wardrobe change. This is the point that most babies absolute hate, however it looks like Isla's parents are in for trouble later as this little baby loves being changed and when Carla showed her the pretty, white dress she was going to be put into, little Isla's face lit up with total glee.

This was followed by another wardrobe change and we took some beautiful photographs of Isla in her cot. Some last little close up photos of Isla's little feet, that never stopped kicking about and the photo session was over. A great set of photographs with a lovely young family.

Family photographer - Kew, Richmond, TW9

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