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Newborn Baby Photo Shoot - Battersea, SW11

I arrived at the home of this beautiful, newborn baby, Michael, when he was 11 days old. When I had talked to his mother the week before, she had mentioned that she wanted to get some lovely, natural photographs of their little baby and some photos of him with both of the parents.

He had been fed when I arrived, but young Michael was a hungry, growing boy, so needed several feeds throughout the session.

We started by simply taking a few photographs of Michael lying on the bed. He was happy lying there without being cuddled and merrily 'waved' his little hand at the camera. It was a good time to capture some photographs of him holding on tightly to his daddy's finger.

As he started to get a little hungry, Linda, his mummy, entertained him by holding onto his wee hands and singing to him - which made for some lovely images. Once given a little milk we took a few photos of the new family together on the bed before Michael fell asleap. He looked so lovely and calm dressed in a little blue baby grow lying on the bed. However, he didn't stay asleep for long. This is when daddy came in with his magic to get Michael to sleep. It worked wonders (as it often can without the smell of mummy's milk so close). We were then able to get Michael settled onto the large, upholstered coffee table in the sitting room to capture a range of beautiful photos of him so peacefully sleeping. It gave the opportunity to photograph him covered by a gorgeous, chunky, knitted blanket that a friend had made for him. We got a range of photos of him whilst he slept there, both close up and full length - including one of my favourites (above).

The parents were then keen to get a photo of him with another beautiful gift he had been given - a lovely framed print of a hedgehog and a mouse that hung above his changing unit.

Michael then woke up and we got a few more family photographs, including shots of both mummy and daddy holding their baby boy. Linda had also seen a photo of some baby feet being cupped in the mother's hands and forming a heart shape which she had particularly like. Michael obliged happily and kept his feet remarkably still for these photos. A couple more shots of Michael with his cuddly, soft bunny and one on his daddy's arm and the session was finished.

A really lovely, calm newborn baby photo session with this new family in Battersea.

To see more photographs from this session, go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Battersea, London, SW11

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