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Baby Photography Session - Kennington

I was contacted by the mother of gorgeous, little Georgia, as she wanted to get some lovely photos of her baby girl at an early stage as she was changing so rapidly. The photo shoot was booked when Georgia was a month old. She was the most adorable and well behaved baby. I'm not sure that she even cried once. In fact, she even slept completely through a wardrobe change and was easily moved around when in her deep sleep - I have to say that this does not happen on every photo shoot!

We started the session on a double bed with Georgia dressed in a pretty pink dress chosen by her father. She looked an absolute sweetie with her big, blue eyes and ginger hair.

Lying on her tummy she was able to hold her head up well and was really engaging well with the entertainment laid on for her... a little doll with a crinkly, noisey dress. Having got some great shots of Georgia in her pink dress, it was time to get her into a dress of her mummy's choice - a beautiful soft green to compliment her hair colouring. Only a month old and Georgia was full of smiles.

Without any hassle (Oh yes,I could see the smugness in Georgia's parents eys... and we all know what's going to happen when Georgia is a teenager!) Georgia dropped off to sleep on a chunky, knitted blanket that we had laid out on the bed for her. We could then get some peaceful, sleeping baby photos including various close up details of hands and feet. She was then moved over to her cot (still sleeping) where we got some photos of her lying there taken through the side bars and some photos with her 'favourite' toys.

When Georgia woke up, we decided that it was time to do a photo that Jennifer (Georgia's mummy) had really wanted. They lived up on the eighteenth floor and had a stunning view over London, taking inthe Gherkin and the Shard in its spectacular skyline - here is one of the family photos with the Shard in the background.

We then got a number of shots of the family, before a final lot of photos of Georgia in hats - which she wears so well.

To see more photos from this family and baby photography session go to my Facebook page.

Baby & Family Photographer - Kennington, London, SE11


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