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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Hounslow

When I arrived at baby Giuliana's home in Hounslow she was fast asleep on the parents bed. Giselle, her mummy, had sent me a variety of beautiful photos to show me the style of photos that she wanted of her little baby girl. So I brought a whole range of different blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, props and baskets to help bring Giselle's ideas to life.

Whilst Giuliana continued to sleep I set up a basket with a beautiful, colourful patchwork quilt. I then wrapped Giuliana in a matching pink cheesecloth wrap. She briefly woke up, but was soon back to sleep, all cosy in her nest. We got a whole range of photographs, wide shots, close up details as well as head shots as she slept peacefully. Once we had got plenty of photos we left Giuliana to sleep as we prepared the next set up - a stunning, rich raspberry coloured, soft blanket laid over the bed. As we moved Giuliana to her new position she woke up. I placed a cream mohair wrap over her body and a matching flower headband for another set of photos. Her eyes were wide open as she stared into my camera lens.

Whilst she was happy lying on the blanket we grabbed some close up details of hands and feet before getting another blanket for another set up. This time a wonderful rose petal blanket that Giuliana looked particlularly stunning on. Following this, we went for one more 'set up' shot, Giulana was swaddled in a purple wrapped and placed on a white faux fur blanket, together with a matching flower headband.

We then took some more informal family photographs. Giuliana was resting her chin so beautifully on her hands, which made for some cute close up shots.

Giselle was then keen to get a photo of Giuliana resting on her daddy's arms and showing off his tattoo - see the above photograph. The shot took a few attempts as Giuliana was rather busy doing pees and poos... several clean ups and we were ready. It was then the end of a lovely photography session.

To see more photos from this newborn baby and family photography session go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Hounslow, West London, TW3.

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