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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Earlsfield

I arrived at Rachael and Stephen's house in Earlsfield, on yet another beautiful summer's day. When I arrived Isabella, their newborn baby girl, was being fed by her grandma. Having being fed and changed, Isabella was ready to sleep. Whilst she was gradually nodding off into a good sleep, I prepared a bed that we were going to use for the first set of photos of the session. Rachael was keen to have some natural photographs of her newborn girl, but also wanted to make sure that Isabella looked feminine, so had asked for me to bring along a variety of props, including some girly blankets, headbands and wraps.

To start we had her positioned on a beautiful, shimmering aquamarine bedspread that was already on the bed (I am usually keen to use as many blankets and props of my clients as I want the shots to be as personal to every individual family). Having successfully placed Isabella, still fast asleep, on the bed with the natural light coming in through the windows, we gradually built up the more feminine look. She had started naked, so we took a few shots of her simply on the bedspread. We then added the headband and finally a lovely, cream, mohair wrap. We got a wide range of photos of her in this position as she slept peacefully. Different angles and details.

It was then time for a change, so we created a little nest from a lilac, cheesecloth wrap placed on a faux fur white blanket. Having woken slightly with the change over, Isabella did a little wee. So we grabbed the shot quickly and got her dried up and onto the next set of photos with a little grey, knitted bonnet on a pink blanket. However, Isabella had now fully woken and wanted some cuddle time. This gave us the opportunity to get some more natural photos of Isabella with both her mummy and her daddy. I particularly loved some of the photos of her 'playing with her daddy' - you can really see that she'll be having lots of fun for years to come as she grows and begins to jump all over her daddy.

Newborn Photography - playing with daddy

I just love to capture those tender moments between the new parents and their little baby.

As Isabella's grandma was preparing some milk, her mummy was keeping her calm, I got everything ready for the next set of photos. The room had white, distressed floor boards (that could easily be found in any photography studio's collection of backgrounds), these went perfectly with the wicker basket I had brought along, filled with a gorgeous, rose petal stuffing. Once placed, sleeping in the basket, Isabella looked stunning. No need to add anything else. She looked as pretty as a flower. She was so cosily asleep in the basket and in such a great position to take such a variety of photos, that we left her here for some time whilst I just snapped away.

After her sleep we got a few more feet and hand shots of Isabella, as well of some photos of her with her grandma. Some last family photos before the end of a really lovely photography session.

To see more photos from this photography shoot go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Earlsfield, South West London, SW18.

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