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Newborn Baby Photography Session - Baron's Court

I was contacted by Cesar, baby Liam's father, and he was looking for a newborn baby photography session as soon as possible (they wanted to have the session done in the next couple of days). I had a last minute availability come up the following afternoon, so he booked it in immediately. When he told his wife, she reminded him of a health care visit they would need to do in the afternoon. Although the time was a little tight Liam was a dream. He was a very relaxed baby and slept through most of the session.

Liam's parents were keen to get some naked photos of Liam, including one of him in the 'froggy pose' (a newborn baby posing position where the baby holds it's head in it's hands - see below). The froggy pose is best done as a composite photo to ensure that the baby's head is always held securely by an assistant/parent - safety always comes first in any photography shoot and newborns can be particularly vulnerable as they still have to develop the strength to hold their heads up. Obviously, Liam decided to wake up when we had only done the first part of the composite photo, so I ended up with a little more Photoshop than planned - but I just love the way his mouth is forming a little O.

Newborn Baby Photography - froggy pose
Newborn Baby Photography - Baron's Court

We go some lovely photos of Liam lying on a chunky knit blanket and other images with him wearing a cute little baker's boy hat. We changed set up to get a variety of photos of him being held against a black background (I love the photo at the top of this blog. Liam looks so relaxed and thoughtful with his finger against his lips).

We then took some more natural and family shots of Liam and his parents before the end of the photo session. He could not have behaved better.

To see more photos from this photography session go to my Facebook page.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Baron's Court, West London, W14

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