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Baby Photography Session - Wimbledon Park

I had been contacted by Antalene following a recommendation from one of her local NCT group in Wimbledon. Her baby boy, Caled, was 4 weeks old and she was keen to get some lovely photographs of him during the precious first weeks.

He had developed a bit of a rash (so common in the early weeks for babies), so we ended up delaying the photo shoot for a week to let the cream that had been prescribed for him by his doctor take effect and help calm his skin.

When I arrived at their home in Wimbledon Park, Caled had been fed. We started with some photographs of him lying on his tummy on a chunky, knitted blanket.

Baby Photography - Wimbledon Park

Caled was not settled for long. He had been suffering from a little colic, so needed some cuddles and felt most comfortable lying on his mummy or over her arm - these moments are also lovely to get some photos of these tender moments.

Baby Photography - Wimbledon

We went outside to the garden for a few photos among the greenery on another glorious day. And then back inside the flat, we got some photos of Caled and his grandma, who was over from South Africa to help Antalene in the early weeks. Although he was somewhat unsettled, this did not stop us from getting lovely close up detail photos and little moments when he slept in his grandma's arms.

Baby Photography - little hands
Baby Photography - baby sleeping in arms

Caled became more settled in his sleep and we got some beautiful photographs of him lying down on his mother's bed (see the photo at the top of this blog). The light shone down from the skylight and captured that wonderful closeness between mother and baby.

A couple of photos with Caled, his mother and granny and it was nearly time to go. Just one more... it is hard to resist a photo of a yawning baby.

Baby photography - yawning baby with mother

To see more photos from this photography session go to my Facebook page.

Baby Photographer - Wimbledon Park, South West London, SW19

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