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Newborn Baby Twins Photography Session - Putney

Twins are special and I always get excited about photographing newborn twins. When Anna, Theodore and Samuel's mother, contacted me five months into her pregnancy, this major detail was completely missed in our brief intial telephone conversation - yes, my own three year old daughter had noticed I was on the phone and obviously had some very important information to tell me about what Squidgey Nose (her soft toy bunny that goes everywhere with her) was up and was very vocal about it.

Catching up with Anna at a calmer time, I got the full picture and we started to make plans for the photography session and the kinds of images that she would be looking for.

When I turned up at their home in Putney, the boys were eleven days old, the house was remarkably calm and both boys were fast asleap. Anna woke Theodore for a feed, whilst I photographed a sleepy Samuel in his daddy's arms.

Newborn Baby Photography - Putney

Once Theodore had had his fill, the boys changed position.

Rubbing noses - newborn baby photography - Putney

This time gave us the opportunity to get a variety of natural photographs as well as some close up details of hands and feet.

Hands - newborn baby photography - Putney

Once both boys had been fed we went to get some more 'set up' photographs of the twin boys. I had prepared a double bed covered with a soft, chunky blanket. Samuel was still very sleepy, so we placed him, naked, on the bed. We got a few photos of him sleeping by himself, before bringing Theodore in next to him. They both looked gorgeous.

Twins Photography - Putney

We then moved them into a different position, which they comfortably settled into and finally into the position at the top of this blog, with Samuel lying on top of Theodore.

Following the sleeping baby twin set up we then went to get some photographs of the boys against a plain black backdrop, which always makes for some striking images. At this point, Theodore was not having any of it! We got a variety of photos of Samuel, but the joint photograph ended up as a composited image with Theodore in the only position he would settle (very briefly!).

Twins Photography - Putney

We finished off the photography session with some family photos.

When the boys were placed on a bean bag together at the end of the session they simply looked so adorable cuddled together - what a lovely photo shoot.

Twins Photography - Putney

To see more photographs from this session, go to my Facebook page.

Newborn baby twins photography photographer - Putney, South West London, SW15

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