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Mother & Baby Photography Session - Orpington, Kent

When I spoke to Louisa before the photography session she was keen to get some images of herself with her 5 week old baby boy, Samuel. Her husband had gone back to work, but she really wanted to see herself as a mother - a great change in any woman's life.

The weather wasn't great on the day of the photo shoot, but it was dry. So when I arrived at their home we kitted ourselves up and pretty much went straight to the nearby park where the trees were in full autumnal glory. Just as we set up to get some photos, the sun broke out of the clouds and we got some stunning images with some beautiful backlight and a wonderful paintbox of colours behind.

Mother & baby - Orpington photography

Having got some photos and the sun then disappeared back behind a veil of clouds we headed back to their home for a pot of tea and a feed for little Samuel. Breastfeeding is a wonderfully intimate and close time between mother and baby (and sure enough we spend many an hour in this position!) - to capture this treasured time is something special.

Feeding Baby - Photography Orpington, Kent

Usually Samuel would be closing his eyes after a good feed, so we had prepared a blanket on the bed to capture him sleeping... but not today! So instead we got the black background out for a variety of baby as well as mother and baby photos against black.

Baby Photographer - Orpington, Kent
Mother & Baby Photographer - Orpington, Kent
Baby Photographer - Orpington, Kent
Mother & Baby Photographer - Orpington, Kent

Some close up details of hands and feet are always part of a baby photo shoot, as these details are simply so lovely.

Baby Photographer - Orpington, Kent
Little hand - Baby Photographer - Orpington, Kent

It was then coming to the close of the session. Louisa was keen to get a photo of Samuel with their pet rabbit. However, the rabbit was not used to the house (that they had only recently moved into) nor the baby, so a photo of the pair was not really possible. But you can't help but grab a photo of a family pet if they are about - but don't ask me where his eyes are!

Pet rabbit - pet photography Orpington, kent

Mother & Baby Photography Session - Orpington, Bromley, Kent, BR6

To see more photos from this session, go to my Facebook page.

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