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A Festive London Family Photo shoot

I was contacted by Hind a couple of weeks before Christmas as she wanted to book a surprise family photo shoot when she, her husband and 5 year old son were coming to London for a pre-Christmas festive weekend.

Normally I choose to do most of my family photo shoots in the morning, as this is when kids are generally at their happiest, however for this particular session I suggested the afternoon. This would then enable us to have part of the photo shoot in daylight and then as the sun started to go down we could then make the most of some of the beautiful Christmas lights in central London. Luckily Hind thought this was a great idea.

She still hadn't told her husband, Kevin or Louis, their son when I met them by Westminster Bridge on the Friday afternoon. Once they knew why I had joined them, everyone entered into the spirit and we started our fun tour around some of the key tourist sights of Central London - starting opposite Big Ben and the houses of Parliament.

Big Ben & Houses of Parliament - Family Photographer, London

We then wandered along the south side of the Thames towards the London Eye with Louis clutching firmly onto his little London Sights statue.

The London Eye - Family Photographer, London
- Family Photographer, London

As we walked along the riverside, a troupe of African entertainers caught Louis' eye and he was utterly transfixed...

Transfixed by riverside entertainers - Family Photographer, London

It was a beautiful, crisp winter's day and the sun was just dropping down behind Big Ben as we crossed over the Thames.

View of London - Family Photographer, London

We made our way up to Trafalgar Square to make Christmas wishes in the fountains.

Lucky Coin - - Family Photographer, London
Make a wish - Family Photographer, London
In it goes! - Family Photographer, London

And grab a few family shots...

- Family Photographer, London
In he goes! - Family Photographer, London
Father & son - Family Photographer, London

A short walk down to Horse Guards Parade and through to St James' Park.

- Family Photographer, London
Climbing - Children's Photographer, London

Obviously no tourist can come to London without popping by Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace - Children's Photographer, London

We then ended the photo shoot at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park making a wonderful festive background to the photos (including the photo at the top of this blog post).

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park - Family Photographer, London
Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park - Family Photographer, London

A really fun, festive photo shoot with this French/American family... and I even got to use my French.

To see more photos from this family photography session go to my Facebook page.

Family Photographer - Central London

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