Newborn Baby & Family Photo Shoot - Balham

Punching The Air - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham

I had been recommended to this family by a mother I had done a newborn baby photograhy shoot for before Christmas.

When I arrived at the family home in Balham, their little boy, George, had been fed and was ready for a sleep. To make sure he didn't get too comfy in his mummy's arms before I would have to move him again to get some naked, sleeping baby photos of him that they wanted, I quickly set up a chunky blanket for him to sleep on laid out over a bed. We then got George into position and he was very soon fast asleep and I was quickly able to set up some lights (it was another grim and dark day outside). We then got photographing this gorgeous little newborn baby. I don't show naked baby photos on my website, but here is a head shot from this set up.

Sleeping Boy - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham

We got some close up details before moving him into a different position. Although the parents mainly wanted natural photographs of their baby boy, having just mentioned how I'd recently photographed a mum-to-be with giant angel wings, they then remembered that they had some rather beautiful wooden angels wings which might work well for a photo. They did. Sorry, as little George was still naked I will not include the pictures on my website. They also got some wooden blocks to spell out his name.

During these photos George was slowly beginning to wake up, so it was time for some family photos, including the one at the top of this blog post - I just love daddy's expression.

Family Photo - Newborn Baby & Family Photography, Balham
Mother & Baby - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham
Thinking Baby - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham
Baby Craddled In Mothers Arms - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham

We also got some close up details of his feet - including the classic baby feet in a heart shape.

Baby Feet - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham

Baby Feet In A Heart Shape - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham

The parents also wanted some photos of George wrapped in a simple blanket.

Wrapped Up - Newborn Baby Photography, Balham

A quick family photo in the hallway before George was ready for another sleep and photos with some of his toys and that was the end of the photo shoot - I just love leaving a family with a happily sleeping baby.

Family In The Mirror - Newborn Baby & Family Photography, Balham

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Balham, South West London, SW12

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