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Newborn Baby Photography Shoot - Clapham South

It was all calm when I arrived at the home of week old baby Lily at her family home in Clapham South. She was just being fed, so I took the opportunity to look around their home to see where might be the best places to do various photographs.

We then set up in a top bedroom where the light came in through the skylights giving a lovely creamy look to the first lot of photos. Swaddled in a cream wrap on a light grey, soft blanket Lily went to sleep and we got some beautiful photographs of her as she lay there (including the photo above).

This was then a good opportunity to get some photos of baby Lily with both her mummy and daddy.

Lily then woke and was given another feed. Following her feed gave us the opportunity for some lovely natural photos as a new mother held her baby tenderly.

Lily was then very much awake and seemed to be intrigued by what was going on around her. We got some more family photos and a few photos against a black background before the end of the photo shoot.

Newborn Baby Photographer - Clapham South, South West London, SW12

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