Family Photography Shoot - Furzedown

Hide & Seek - Family Photography, Tooting Common

It was a beautiful, sunny morning for this family photo shoot in Furzedown, South London. When I arrived at their home we headed straight off to nearby Tooting Common to get a range of natural family photographs as everyone played together.

The children, aged 7, 5 and 14 months old played together, whether climbing trees, hide & seek and tag and it was lovely to capture them as they simply did what children do and their parents joined in.

Cheeky Face - Children's Photography, Tooting Common

En Garde - Children's Photography, Tooting Common

Happy Days - Children's Photography, Tooting Common

Father & Son - Children's & Family Photography, Tooting Common

Children's Photography In The Woods - Tooting Common

Brother & Sister - Children's & Family Photography, Tooting Common

My Little Seat - Children's Photography, Tooting Common

Family Group Portrait - Tooting Common

Having had a good run around Tooting Common we headed back to the family home to get some more formal portraits of the children against a simple white background.

Toddler Portrait - Children's Photography, Furzedown

Brother & Sister - Children's Photography, Furzedown

Children's & Family Photographer - Furzedown, South West London, SW16

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