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Baby & Family Photographer - Maida Vale

I came round to the home of this gorgeous little four month old boy, Salman, and his family in Maida Vale on a beautiful sunny day. Before the sun took over their garden completely we went straight out to get a range of natural photographs of this fun, happy family at play. There were lots of silly faces, noises and raspberries to entertain this little baby.

Salman was then getting rather hungry and tired. So a wee snack and then we let his mummy get him down for a sleep on their bed. Once he was asleep this gave us a lovely opportunity to get some sleeping baby photos - don't they just look so peaceful in their sleep?

Once he was awake again the smiles were back and we were able to get some photos of the family in their home.

Baby & Family Photographer - Maida Vale, North West London, W9

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