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Newborn Baby Photographer - Carshalton Beeches

I came to baby Toby's home just over a week after he was born. When I arrived he had been fed and looked very relaxed. We quickly set up a blanket for him to lie on and undressed him and about 5 minutes after I arrived we had him beautifully asleep and in position. With lights set up we quickly got to work and got a number of lovely photos of him as he lay peacefully on the bed. We then got mummy and daddy in too for a few more images.

We then set up a fake wooden floor background and put Toby into a basket with a beautiful quilted blanket that had been made for him by his clever mummy. He transferred wonderfully and was quickly back into a deep sleep in his new cosy position (see also the photo at the top of this blog post).

Toby then woke up and wanted a feed. he then became a little more unsettled (as babies can), so we got a range of family photos.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Carshalton Beeches, Sutton, South London, SM5

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