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Newborn Baby Photographer - Earlsfield

I came to this little sweetie of a baby girl's home in Earlsfield for her newborn baby photography session. Her name was Ava. We quickly set her up on a bed for some photos of her, she was a wriggly little baby, but we soon had her reasonably settled, although still awake. Many of these photos (and the following set up with Ava in a basket) I have not put onto this blog, as I do not put photos of naked babies on here.

Ava had not been feeding so well and she was a little unsettled, this gave us the opportunity to get some photos of her being cuddled by mummy and daddy.

Having dropped off to sleep, we settled Ava into a gorgeous, pink blanket, she looked just fabulous and this gave us the opportunity to get a few close up details too.

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Earlsfield, South West London, SW18


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