Baby, Pet & Family Photographer - Hammersmith

I was greeted at the door by a Great Dane when I came to baby Aanya's home in Hammersmith. It is quite something when you meet a dog at face level, however much of a softie the dog is!

We began the session, setting up a basket on a white, wood floor in Aanya's nursery. She was seven weeks old when I came to do her baby photo shoot, but she was still quite small, so we could swaddle her in a wrap.

Aanya's mummy was keen to get some photos of her little girl on her wedding dress. The sumptuous, red material of her Indian wedding dress made a beautiful, rich background. We did a number of photos as Aanya kicked about.

I was then set a challenge to photograph Aanya with their pet dog. As mentioned earlier in this blog post, this was a rather large Great Dane... quite a contrast to our little baby! The one thing about Great Danes is that can be quite nervous dogs, so it took a little while for the dog to feel at ease sat beside Aanya lying on a vibrant, pink upholstered armchair.

We then took some family portraits.

We then got a few 'natural' photos of mother and baby.

Baby, Family & Pet Photography - Hammersmith, West London, W6

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