Toddler & Family Photographer - Clapham

I was contacted by the mother of this gorgeous, little girl who wanted to get some natural, reportage-style photos of her daughter and the family. This photography session was bought as a Christmas gift by her husband, but she decided to wait until the springtime to do the session. And we certainly got a beautiful, hot, sunny day for the photo shoot.

When I first arrived their little toddler was still a little shy, so we went out into the garden - children are often more relaxed outside when they can play, but still keep their own space when a stranger is around. It didn't take long before the smiles came out as she went up and down her little slide.

Daddy got a hammock out, much to this little girl's excitement. Any plans to get a family portrait in the hammock were quickly gone as the ropes were somewhat worn. This didn't stop this toddler's happiness.

Time for a little snack and then head down to her favourite steps for a little sit down.

We then got ourselves ready to head out to the park. However, our little girl had different ideas and just wanted a little stroll along the nearby street, stopping at all her usual favourite places... that her mother knows very well!

We then returned to the family home for some photos inside.

Children's & Family Photographer - Clapham, South West London, SW12

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