Maternity Photographer - Stratford, London

I met this young couple a few weeks before the maternity photo shoot. They were expecting twins and wanted to capture some natural photos of this special time. They told me that they both felt uncomfortable in front of a camera - a common thing many of us feel as it can feel strange when the focus is very much on yourself.

We began the session at their home in Stratford, London, with this lovely lady in a lacy maternity gown. She felt comfortable in it and we got some lovely shots of her against both a dark and a light background.

With rain showers forecast, we headed outside to a small nearby park before the rain came down. There wasn't much greenery at the park, but we made the most of it, as well as the playground and environment around.

We then returned to their home where this mum-of-twins-to-be changed into another outfit for some portrait photographs. She was also keen to get some photos of her playing the piano, something she did regularly during her pregnancy.

A few more photos up in a bedroom.

Maternity Photographer - Stratford, East London, E15

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