Baby & Family Photographer - Wandsworth Common

It was a gorgeous September morning when we came to Wandsworth Common to do the family photo shoot with this smiley, little nine month old girl. This is such a lovely age to photograph babies - they sit up well and engage well with the people around them.

We started with some photos of this baby girl by herself in the sunshine.

As we wandered around the common we also took a range of family photos. We went to see the ducks and took in the beginnings of the autumn colours that were starting to come out near one of the ponds.

A little experimenting with one of my lenses (lens whacking) - I prefer this image in colour, so rather unusually have added a colour photo to my blog.

We then headed off to the playground for a go on the swings, before a crawl about on the grass.

Baby & Family Photographer - Wandsworth Common, South West London, SW18

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