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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Sydenham

Mother's Kiss

I had done the maternity shoot for this new mother a few weeks earlier. It was lovely to be back and meet their newborn baby boy at their family home in Sydenham.

We began the session with this baby boy swaddled in a blue muslin and placed in a large, round basket that had been lined with a white fur. He looked absolutely adorable and felt very comfortable as he gradually nodded off to sleep all cosy in his basket.

Baby In A Basket
Serious Baby
Baby Photography
Baby's Face
Sleeping Baby
Baby Photography
Baby's Face

When he woke up he wanted a cuddle and a feed.

Cuddles With Daddy
Baby Sucking On Finger

Once fed, he was swaddled again to get a photo of him on a large blanket that his mother had bought - it had the word 'Love' written on it.

Baby Love
Sleeping Baby
Baby Photography
Baby Feet

It was then time to get some family photos with mummy and daddy.

Family Portrait With Newborn Baby
Family Photo With Newborn Baby
Mother & Baby
Mother's Kiss
Mother's Love

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Sydenham, South East London, SE26

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