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Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon

Newborn Baby Boy

The family of this little, newborn boy wanted 'natural' photos of their baby. They had a few items that they wanted to include, such as a blanket that had been made for him and a couple of teddies that had been the favourite toys of his mummy and daddy when they were young.

We began the session with this baby on a chunky blanket - he was watching my every move and definitely not heading off for a sleep.

Newborn Baby In A Blanket
Looking At You!
Father & Son

As this little boy wasn't heading off to sleep just yet, we focussed on some photos with mummy and daddy with a plain wall as a background.

Father & Son
In Mother's Arms

We then got one of the blankets he had been made where he lay down together with an old teddy and went to sleep.

Newborn Baby With Old Teddy
Drifting Off To Sleep
Baby Foot
Land Of Nod

This also became a good opportunity to get some family portraits with mummy and daddy.

Newborn Baby - Family Portrait

Mother & Baby
Close Up - Newborn Baby

As he was now in deep sleep we then tried out a couple of other photos, firstly with him in a cosy blue blanket - the way he naturally placed his hands was adorable.

Sleeping Newborn Baby
Close Up - Newborn Baby

We then placed him on a black background - which helps to make really dramatic images in black and white.

Newborn Baby
Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby & Family Photographer - Wimbledon, South West London, SW19

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