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Children's & Family Photographer - The Rookery, Streatham Common

Toddler & Family By Pond

I had been recommended to this family by another client. They had a young toddler - only recently started walking and wanted to get some outdoor photos, so we agreed that The Rookery at Streatham Common would make a lovely location. The weather was sunny and we lots of fun exploring the gardens - there is nothing like watching a toddler discover new places.

We first headed to the formal gardens which were full of flowers and lots of different places to have adventures in, perfect for both family photos as well as shots of this little boy.

Family Photo With Toddler
Children's Photography At The Rookery
Mother & Toddler Looking At The Flowers
Toddler Photography
Early Steps!
Mother & Toddler At The Rookery
Toddler's Early Steps

We found mini beasts and watched the fish - perfect for children's photography.

Family With Toddler - Watching Minibeast
Watching The Fish At The Rookery

This young explorer then led us up the steps towards some woodland.

Father & Toddler
Toddler Photography
Young Explorer
Young Explorer

Time for a spot of flying - lucky daddy's arms are strong!

Flying Toddler
Again, Again!

We then headed out to an open part of Streatham Common, but still lots to explore!

What's Under Here?
Family Photography On Park Bench

With our toddler starting to get tired, we headed back to the formal gardens for some last few family photos among the flowers.

This Way...
Family Portrait With Toddler
Dandelion Clocks
Mother & Baby Among The Flowers
Mother & Toddler

Children's & Family Photographer - The Rookery, Streatham Common, South West London, SW16

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